October 15, 2019

5 reasons to send flowers just because

Many seem to forget about fresh flowers apart from the usual occasions like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, women’s day and many more. We’ve created a comprehensive list of reasons to send flowers.

Cheer someone up with a bouquet of fresh flowers

If you know someone that’s having a bad day, there’s not much you can do to lift their spirits, especially if you’re not beside them. With flowers, you can easily put a smile on their face and make the day at least a little bit better. Imagine how much better you’d feel knowing that someone noticed that you’re sad and decided to send you a flower bouquet or gift to make you happy, it will instantly make you smile because there’s nothing better than having people that love you and support you.

We know that sometimes flowers might not always be enough to express what you feel which is why we offer a wide variety of additional items to add with your fresh flower bouquet, including candy & sweets, balloons, candles, vouchers, perfumes, and more add-ons.

Let Them Know You’re Thinking Of Them

In today’s world everyone is extremely busy and difficult to find a mutual time to meet-up and discuss life, we fully understand that, but you must show your friend, partner and family members how much you miss their presence. Nothing says “I was thinking about you” like a beautifully scented flower bouquet delivered to their home or workplace. So if you’ve been reading this article and thought of someone you miss, make a change and show them you’re thinking about them as much as they are. You can either order a nice floral bouquet, floral arrangement or a nice orchid plant which is the perfect way to preserve your presence in their heart long-term and don’t worry if you don’t have time to collect the bouquet and deliver it yourself; we have complimentary flower delivery in Malta.


No one is perfect; we all make mistakes which may end up with a small argument or fight, which easily ruin someone’s day. Words are nice but sometimes saying sorry might not always be enough and you need an action to pull yourself out of the hole and truly show that you’re sorry.

Regardless of the reason, you’re apologising for a beautifully scented flower bouquet or flower arrangement with a nice personalised message card will surly change their mood to the better. Don’t think too much about it just click on fresh flowers and pick the most beautiful flower bouquet you can find….. and there’s a lot. If you’re feeling extra apologetic considering adding a nice box of premium handcrafted chocolate, or a bath bomb for an anticipated relaxing evening. Now that will put the cherry on the cake or in this case on the flower bouquet.

Literally Just Because

It’s the best thing in the world to send flowers to cheer someone up, reminding them you’re thinking about them or apologising; but sometimes buying a bouquet “just because” can truly make someone feel on cloud nine. We’ve delivered floral bouquets countless times and the expression on someone’s face when they receive a bouquet “just because” is amazing and timeless; they instantly shines with joy. So if you know someone that will truly shine with joy just because you send them a bouquet without any reason but pure love, I’d suggest starting searching for the perfect floral bouquet.

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Bonus – To Decorate Their Home or Office

Apart from the simple fact that plants, bouquets and floral arrangements transform a place into a more natural feel, there are many other benefits of having flowers around you. If you know someone that has just moved-in a new apartment make sure to welcome them with beautiful fresh flowers.

Make sure you also read our recent blog post on why you should decorate your home and office with fresh flowers. It will give you a beautiful perspective on why it’s important to have nature close to you at all times.

Sending Flowers?

If you’re ready to send flowers just because, we suggest taking a look at our online fresh flower shop and if you don’t manage to find their kind of style we suggest to call us 2722 3334 or visit our shop (Get Directions) and our team of floral experts will assist you with anything you need.

We also offer same-day delivery for most localities in Malta, so you’re never too late to give a beautiful floral bouquet or flower arrangement even if it’s a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. 

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