April 13, 2020

Alstroemeria flower spotlight of the month

The Alstroemeria also commonly called the Parrot Lilly, or Peruvian Lily is a south American flow with 50 different species of flowering blooms. From first glance, you can instantly notice that the Alstroemeria flower is very similar to the famous Lilium flower; this is because they’re from the same flower family.

From where did the Alstroemeria originate?

The origin of the Alstroemeria comes from the mountain regions of Peru and Brazil. The flower was discovered in the 18th century by the Swedish people, which is how it was introduced to Europe. Soon its introduction to the European region it becomes a trendy flower due to its multitude of different colour variations and long vase lifespan.

Alstroemeria at home and in floral bouquets

The Alstroemeria is frequently used at home due to its majestic amount of different colours. You can practically find the Alstroemeria in any colour imaginable and many use such floral as a staple for their home. With a boasting 6-8 flowers per stem, you can fill enhance your dining or living room with just a few stems. We also frequently use the Alstroemeria in many bouquets because its vase life is longer than most blooms and combining it with other florals it will genuinely give that magical Spring feeling.

Check out our beautiful and new Spring bunch with lovely colourful flowers, including the alstroemeria flower.

Most popular Alstroemeria colour

Just like many spring flowers, the Alstroemeria comes in a different range of colours ranging from dark red to blue. Everyone has their favourite colour, and many opt to go for their likings or interior design, but we mainly sell red, yellow and pink shades of Alstroemeria.

How to care for Alstroemeria flower?

Many cut flowers have the same care specifications, and we frequently suggest to clean the vase every 2 days, use flower food, change the water every other day, remove dead petals or leaves from the water and cut the stems. Get to know more about how to care for your cut flowers!

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3 responses to “Alstroemeria flower spotlight of the month”

  1. Have been ordering red Alstroemeria from your flower shop in Birkirkara for more than 10 years now. It’s true the flower has an amazing vase life, with a conjunction of your flower food sachets my alstoemeria flowers lasted for over three weeks!! Simply amazing 🙂

  2. What a coincidence I have just received a flower arrangement with Alstroemeria from your shop! The driver was super polite and the flower arrangement was simply stunning 🙂 Can’t wait to order one for my self… you know as a treat

  3. Love alstroemeria, when I lived in Gozo I used to have a garden filled with these beautiful florals. Will be ordering a couple of stems to bring back good memories 🙂

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