February 24, 2020

Keep your flowers flourishing for longer with these easy flower care tips!

You have just received a beautiful Alistair Floral Design premium floral bouquet, and you love it some much that you wish the florals never die and keep blooming just like a Plant. Well, that’s impossible, but with a combination of our premium graded flowers and these easy flower care tips, your new delivered flowers will definitely flourish for longer.

What to do as soon as you receive your fresh flowers

As soon as you receive the fresh flowers, it’s important to abide by the following steps to ensure your florals settle in their new home nicely.

Get a vase which will fit the floral bouquet and clean it, make sure no soap residue is left so rinse thoroughly. If you don’t have a proper vase to place your fresh flowers in you can put in a cut plastic bottle. Don’t leave it for too long as it won’t look very nice, instead visit our shop and choose the perfect vase to go with your home interior and florals.

Remove the textured premium wrapping. Removing the wrapping is done to avoid mould development between stems, but if you like the packaging and esthetic of the bouquet you can keep it on for a maximum of two more days.

Forgetting to cut the stems is a common mistake many do when receiving fresh flowers. Cut the stems using a garden shears or very sharp knife, you should be trimming about one inch and should cut at approximately 45° degree angle.

Fill the vase with water (room temperature), add the flower food and let it dissolve. All our floral bouquets come with a free sachet of flower food but you can add more from our addons section.

Placement of the fresh flowers

The placement of the fresh flowers is critical to the health, freshness and longevity of the florals. Fresh flowers thrive in cold environments, so try to place the bouquet in the coldest spot in your home, but make sure you can still enjoy them from their place.

Try to avoid placing under air conditions, near ovens and on windowsills due to the extream temperature changes of the air conditioner and the warmth of direct sunlight on a windowsill and oven.

It is also important to note that you shouldn’t place flowers near fruit. Fresh fruit release a small amount of ethylene gas which will affect your blooms.

How to care for the flowers once they’re settled

Fresh flowers are like animals they need attention to ensure a beautiful and long-lasting bloom. If you follow these flower care tips, you will be extending the florals life substantially.  

We suggest to change the water every two days, but if you notice that the water is discoloured or cloudy, we recommend to change it even before the two days. It’s also important to clean the vase with soapy water and add flower food to the newly added water.

Every time you change the water also check the stems. If the stems are mushy or not sturdy at the bottom, make sure you cut an inch at an angle.

Every day check and remove any wilting or dead leaves/petals. (Dead leaves and petals will affect the healthy ones)

How to dispose of flowers

Everything must come to an end, and unfortunately, the life span of fresh flowers isn’t as long as we wish it was. When most of the florals change colour into a dark hue and start to wilt severely, it’s important to throw away. Flowers are natural which can be recycled so make sure to place in the organic bin or in a compost bin.

We know that it’s never easy to through away something very dear to our hearts, but with the above list of flower care tips and our premium high graded florals, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy them for longer with an enriched bloom and scents.

Did you know that our premium flowers and delivery service have been reviewed and listed on bestfloristreview.com. Apart from the endless support from our loyal clients and positive local reviews, it’s always an immense pleasure for us to be recognised internationally by such brands.

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  1. Flowers from your shop always lasted for a week even without all these, can’t wait to try them and see how long they will last 🙂

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