November 14, 2019

Everything you need to know about Malta’s biggest floral website

Since the beginning of Alistair Floral Design, we’ve always strived to ensure that the quality of flowers we source as well as the floral designs we create abide by Alistair’s standards – Premium quality. With this approach and over 20 years of experience within the floral industry, we have gained a reputation as one of Malta’s best florists. We wanted to showcase our quality florals, expertise and professionalism through Malta’s biggest floral website.

We’ve divided the website in three main sections, and each is an integral part of our floral operations. The official sections are Weddings, Fresh Flowers and Events & Corporate; each specific section will have its unique content directed towards that particular audience.

A bouquet with plush pink roses and peonies.
Best Selling Bouquet – Blushing Beauty

Fresh Flowers

Last May we’ve launched our first phase of the website which allowed users to order fresh flowers online. With the new site, we’ve changed everything, from the products themselves all the way up-to the payments we accept. We’ve ensured to explain each floral bouquet in more detail and also launched two new collections, with particular design elements. The new collections include the Deluxe Collection and Alistair’s Pick, but we’re planning to launch many more.

Apart from the overwhelming variety of premium floral bouquets, arrangements and plants, you can now add none floral gifts to your order. Adding additional gifts with your floral order is easier than ever before, and we’ve made sure to spoil you with choice. Our new addons range from simple greeting cards all the way up-to premium whisky.

We wish to get in more detail about the check-out system for fresh flowers, but we invite you to try it yourselves by ordering flowers, for yourself or someone special – use promo code Malta’s Biggest Website and benefit from a 5% OFF your order.

A newly married couple coming out from the Church with petals being thrown.


Weddings have always been an integral part of our operations, and a fun fact is that Alistair’s first big floral task was to create florals for two family weddings back in the 90s. The weddings section is the biggest, as it doesn’t only hold flowers knowledge but also directed Expertise & Advice to newly engaged couples. Such advice includes our favourite wedding venues in Malta and Gozo, wedding planners & organisers, and coordinating your wedding plans before and during the day.

Within the weddings section, one can find endless of different floral designs which we’ve categories for a more comfortable browsing experience. You can either search floral designs by weddings in Our Weddings section or by specific floral designs, like; bridal bouquets, Church & Venue Florals, Wedding Cakes and many more.

With such a strong reputation within the weddings industry, we’ve attracted many of Malta’s leading wedding blogs and magazines. We’ve captured some of our favourite wedding features, including magazines cover photoshoots, interviews and also featured wedding stories.

If you’re planning on getting married, make sure to book your free floral consultation. If not, make sure to share this blog as a friend or family member might find it of great help during such a stressful time of planning a wedding.

Four singers singing on an artificial bridge with flowers surrounding them

Events & Corporate

Within the last few years, our corporate portfolio grew, not only in numbers but also the quality of clients. Through constant aspiration for new ideas and quality assurance, we’ve managed to work with intentional brands and also Malta’s biggest companies, and we are proud to say they’re our clients.

In the events and corporate section, you’ll find an array of different floral designs created specifically for corporate events, private parties, corporate Christmas décor, and more. If you don’t have a specific event coming up, we highly suggest signing up for a standing order of fresh flowers – perfect to create a natural and elegant ambience around your customers.

Are you planning an upcoming event? We suggest booking a free floral consultation.

A person in front of a laptop with the window saying flower subscriptions

Bonus New Floral Service

We know!! This year we’ve launched a lot of new services including the Complementary Christmas Décor Advice and the Exclusive Personalised Baubles. But we couldn’t wait to share with you the new Flower subscription service!

The Flower Subscription service allows you to order a specific bouquet to be delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly to a particular address. This can either be as a gift or decorate your home with fresh flowers without having to order every time. Click here to understand the importance of having fresh flowers at your home or workplace.

To schedule your flower subscription is very simple, visit our floral subscription page, select your favourite bouquet and order according to your needs.

All in all, the website will have many updates over the coming months with new products, images and even services. Make sure you’re kept in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for updates, offers and more.

Don’t forget to share this blog and order a bouquet today – use promo code Malta’s Biggest Website for 5% OFF your order!



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