March 23, 2020

Everything you need to know about wedding flowers in Malta

Wedding flowers in Malta have always been an important element for a wedding and even if many wedding trends come and go, flowers are always integrated with different styles just like a wedding dress or a cake.

To get to know everything you might need for wedding flowers in Malta, it’s important that we answer frequently asked questions during our Free Floral Consultation, which is held with each couple planning their wedding in Malta and interested in our wedding floral services.

Are there any specific colours or wedding flowers for a wedding in Malta?

The rule of all white wedding has been fazed out in these last few years and we’ve done many different coloured weddings throughout our 20 years’ experience, including blues, pinks, greens, greys, gold and even yellows but an all-white wedding is still very fashionable, check out Lara & William’s wedding with an all-white floral design.

In regards to specific wedding flowers in Malta, there really isn’t a set of specific florals which we use as it always depends on the wedding style and of course the colour you’d like to go for. We always use premium flowers sourced from the highest reputable growers from all around the world, view the most used wedding flowers in Malta.

How will we know the final floral product for our wedding?

Our talented team of florist always create a unique design and concept for your wedding flowers and even though the style chosen may be similar to something we’ve already done, we still add a touch of uniqueness which makes each wedding different and special.

For quality purposes wedding florals are done a day before and in some instances even on the day, making it very difficult to see the actual product before your wedding day, but if you have one of our favourite wedding planners and you’re stress-free, you can always visit our workshop to check out your florals for your wedding day.

Do you deliver and do the floral set up on the wedding day?

Yes, we deliver and do the floral setting up on the day but there are certain situations where we have to work the night before especially for certain big floral projects like floral arch we’ve done for Jessica & Edward’s wedding. As for the bridal team accessories, we will deliver wherever the bride is getting ready and same goes for the groom’s buttonholes but all this will be discussed during the final floral consultation just a couple of weeks before your wedding day.

We don’t know the wedding flowers style we want, is it too late?

Unless you are meeting Alistair 2 days before your wedding it’s not too late. We are the last suppliers from your list that you will have everything confirmed from, this is because we have to work on the confirmation of other wedding suppliers. Most of the time we will have everything confirmed in regards to the flowers style, colours and quote around 3 weeks before your wedding date.

With all this said don’t procrastinate as many wedding dates tend to be booked in advanced so we highly suggest putting a deposit on your date. Contact us today to get to know how you can save your date.

Why should I schedule a wedding floral consultation and who will it be with?

The first meeting with Alistair is done at our office in Birkirkara, we always prompt clients to schedule a floral consultation as this will give you a good indication of the floral costs, our wedding services, inspiration and even tips on areas which aren’t directed to floristry but we’re still qualified and experienced to give such advice.

During the wedding consultation, you will be discussing your reception venue, place of marriage, bridal team floral accessories and more importantly your likings and ideas. After the consultation, we’ll send a customised quote according to what has been discussed.. If the quote is as per your expectations and likings we highly suggest booking your wedding date with us to ensure wedding date availability.

Throughout our more than 20 years’ experience in the floral and wedding industry we have seen a lot of changes in regards to styles and ideas, so don’t shy away if you have a new idea or style in mind, it would be a pleasure to work on something unique and different.



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  1. The fact that you set up all wedding flowers on the day at no extra cost and deliver all the bridal and groom team floral accessories to the place they’re preparing is just the ideal service any bride and groom can imagine. When I had my wedding and didn’t have a wedding organiser I opted for your wedding flower services and this really helped me logistically.

    Thank you Alistair xx

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