November 14, 2019

Fresh flowers subscription service – The first in Malta

At the moment fresh flowers subscription service isn’t available in the Maltese islands and with the launch of Malta’s biggest floral website, we simply had to offer something new and exclusive.

If you haven’t guessed what’s the new service from the title, we’re going to explain everything in detail; and why this new service is perfect for everyone that loves flowers and nature.

The fresh flowers subscription gives you the ability to subscribe to a particular floral bouquet and get the flowers delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis according to your preferred subscription length. This means that you’ll be receiving a floral bouquet to decorate your living space, without having to constantly order.

Why should you subscribe?

We’ve spoken to many of our clients who order flowers frequently and everyone highlighted the same thing. Flowers makes their environment feel cleaner, more relaxing, less human-made and welcoming. When we’ve told them about our new service they all loved it, due to its convenience and practicality.

Well…. they didn’t know that when purchasing a subscribed bouquet you’ll also be ensuring availability of blooms, paying less and receiving more flower food.

Bouquets You Can Subscribe Too

We’ve limited the subscription to certain bouquets which have been the top sellers at Alistair Floral Design for some time. We could have easily added all our bouquets, but we know that everyone is unique with different interiors and likings.

This means that if you would like a different floral bouquet you can contact us with what you’d like. From there will issue a quote, according to your specifications whilst retaining the same benefits of flowers subscription service.

Please note that the €80 represents 2 bouquets for 1 month and
the €1,920.00 represents 4 bouquets for 12 months

Subscribing to a Specific Floral Bouquet

If you’re ready to start receiving fresh flowers for your home, you can visit our fresh flowers subscription page and choose your preferred bouquet or simply contact us to give you a quote according to your liking. From there all you have to do is fill in the blanks and choose accordingly. If you run into any problems we suggest contacting us on our live chat or through our contact us page.

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