December 6, 2019

How to care for your Poinsettia, during & after the Christmas season

The poinsettias are mainly known and recognised during the Christmas season; many of you think that once Christmas season is gone their poinsettia will eventually die, but this isn’t correct, which is why we have created this poinsettia care guide.

With the help of our expert florists, we’ve created a simple and straight forward poinsettia guide which will help your poinsettia stay healthy throughout the festive season and yearlong until the next bloom. In this article, we don’t go over reblooming but we have something planned so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter

Placement of the Poinsettia

When purchasing or receiving a poinsettia, you will usually find that it’s wrapped in plastic. This wrap is done not only for attractiveness purposes, but it also serves to keep the poinsettia away from the cold – We know it sounds strange, but poinsettias are tropical and hate being too cold. If you’re looking to purchase a beautiful and fully bloomed poinsettia for yourself or someone else we urge you to visit our Christmas shop or buy online.

It’s tricky to find the perfect place to place your poinsettia but if you keep in mind the following two points your poinsettia should stay healthy throughout;

– You should place your poinsettia in an area of constant 16 – 22°C, so make sure to keep it away from heaters, A/Cs and windows.

– You shouldn’t place your poinsettia in direct sunlight, but it should have good exposure to indirect sunlight.

Our poinsettia plant

We’ve just launched two new designs of poinsettia plants the Vibrant Christmas Poinsettia and the Modern Christmas Poinsettia. Both of these poinsettia plants can be bought online or from our shop as a gift or for yourself.

When to water

This is fairly one of the most asked questions when someone purchases a plant from our website or shop. The best way to determine if a plant needs water is by doing the soil test. You can do a soil test by putting your index finger into the soil.

From there you’ll have to determine in which stage the soil is as per below descriptions;

Fully Dry

The soil shouldn’t be fully dry all the way as this would mean that the poinsettia needs a lot of water and haven’t been watered for quite some time. Aim to avoid this stage altogether as this can stress out your poinsettia or worst kill it. To water during such a stage you should soak the plant in the sink for around 30 seconds or water it until the soil stops drinking.

Half Dry

If the upper part is dry but the underneath is still moist that’s what we call half dry. When a plant is half dry it means that it’s time to water the plant at a healthy stage. To water make sure that you add the water lightly without overdoing it.


If the soil is damp throughout, leave the plant as is and check tomorrow or the day after. Ideally, poinsettias should always be at this stage to stay healthy.


If the soil is very wet and visible from the topsoil, that means it’s sodden. When a plant is sodden it will put unnecessary stress on the roots. This stage is frequently seen on plants in pots without any drainage system or when you daily water the poinsettia without doing the soil test. If your plant is sodden make sure to leave the plant alone for around a week and check before watering again. 

Taking care of poinsettia plant and keep it alive throughout the entire year is easier than you originally thought. Follow the steps highlighted above, and everything should go smoothly. If you’d like to get to know more about how to take care of cut flowers you can visit our flower care guide and for any questions feel free to contact us.

Make sure to also share with your family and friends, as many seem to end up with a dead poinsettia by the end of the Christmas season.

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  1. Thank you for the good tips, never new I could have kept my poinsettia plant after the festive season 🙁 poor poinsettia plant

  2. Bought a white and a red poinsettia from your shop yesterday, let’s hope I manage to make them last an entire year

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