June 24, 2020

Malta’s most breathtaking churches for your wedding

If you’re getting married with a religious ceremony then there’s simply no better option but to get married in Malta, with over 300 different wedding churches in Malta and Gozo, you’ll have a hard time picking your favourite. With over 20 years of experience in the floral and wedding industry, we wanted to recommend a list of the most breathtaking wedding churches in Malta.

St.Paul’s Cathedral – Imdina

The St.Paul’s Cathedral is located in the centre of Malta’s old capital city at the St Paul’s Square which is just filled with raw beauty and impressive period houses. The Cathedral is a magical place to exchange your vows in an amazing setting, which is why many local and foreign couples opt to get married at the St.Paul’s Cathedral. The impressive cathedral is the perfect backdrop both inside and anywhere within the silent city.

St Helen’s Basilica – Birkirkara

The structure of St Helen’s Basilica is inspired by the imposing baroque style of the Mdina Cathedral, which is also located in the centre of the Birkirkara Village. If you’re looking for a dramatic walk to the ceremony, this basilica might be the perfect place to exchange your vows, due to its big parvis. Apart from the dramatic walk through the parvis, the St Helen’s Basilica is uniquely spectacular both inside and out, but with a special unique touch during the parish feast celebrations.

Our Lady of Victory – Valletta

The Our Lady of Victory church is the first church built in Valletta and over the years it suffered a lot of deterioration to its structure and paintings but with recent restoration its beautiful as ever. The Church itself is truly unique with a number of artistic treasures known worldwide. If you are looking for a small church with a lot of character, the Our Lady of Victory should be at the top of your list, especially if you’re looking for that golden majestic picture with many artistry around you.

Santa Catherina Di Italia – Valletta

Just opposite of Our Lady of Victory the Santa Catherina Di Italia is fairly different with less artistry but with beautiful white architecture. For the outside of the Santa Catherina Church there’s much more to do in regards to floral décor and we’ve been embellishing this beautiful Church for over 20 years. Apart from the beautiful backdrops in the churches themselves, Valletta is also one of the perfect places for a post-wedding photoshoot with multiple gardens and grand harbour views.

Annunciation Church – Balzan

The Balzan parish church is one of our favourite central churches due to its perfect mix of architecture, historic paintings, sculptures and fine marble surrounding the church inside and out. There are endless possibilities you can do to embellish the Balzan parish church, so if you’re looking for the perfect place for the flowers and church to truly synchronise in one masterpiece this church might be just what you’ve been looking for. Check out Jessica & Edward’s wedding to see how we’ve transformed the parish church into one floral masterpiece both inside and outside.

Our Saviour’s Church – Lija

The Our Saviour’s Church is located in the centre of Hal-Hija and very demanded by local couples due to the location and central ambience/noise level. The church is known for its impressive exterior and flat/open parvis, which gives you plenty of flexibility to transform it into something more of your liking.

Santa Marija Parish Church – H’ Attard

The Attard parish church is similar to the Annunciation church in Balzan both inside and outside with few different changes including the exterior architecture, church layouts and the ceiling design. If you’re still undecided between the two we highly suggest taking into consideration various factors including reception location, coordinator at the church and the fact that the Santa Marija church tends to be a bit busier to the Balzan one due to the village layout.

What about Chapels in Malta & Churches in Gozo?

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