February 27, 2020

Mimosa flower spotlight of the month

The mimosa flower is commonly known for the symbolism it has to the International Women’s day which is celebrated all around the world on the 8th March. As a Women’s Day tradition, you should send flowers to all special women in your life and the mimosa is frequently featured on such florals.

Mimosa Flower Country of Origin

The flower isn’t harvested from the ground like other florals such as tulips but it’s harvested from a tree. Unlike other flowers, the mimosa flower prefers warmer climates and originally found growing in Asia and Africa. With our connection with various growers and suppliers, we’re able to supply the Maltese market with premium quality mimosa on Women’s Day and other seasons which the flower strives upon.

Mimosa Flower Character & Unique Attributes

Apart from the fact that the flower is harvested from a tree rather than soil, its blooms are very unique and recognised internationally. The yellow colour and roundish shape is what makes the flower so unique and many frequently call it the flower of the sun. Its dainty stems and strength after harvest make the mimosa flower one of the most sought after fillers flower.

The only issue with this beautiful and unique fresh cut flower is its high content of pollen, which makes it an issue with people with allergy.

Women’s Day Floral Bouquets

As many of the Maltese connect the mimosa with women’s day just like many all around the world, we don’t typically use it in our floral bouquets or floral arrangements. Don’t worry if you are looking to send flowers for women’s day we have plenty to choose from.

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