January 31, 2020

New floral bouquets & gifts just in time for Valentine’s day

The day of romance is almost here, and if you haven’t already ordered your Valentine’s Day flowers you’re in luck! Few days ago we’ve launched 9 new Valentine’s Day floral bouquets and floral arrangements and your loved one will be super lucky to have you, if she’s going to receive one of these beautiful florals.

What makes our Valentine’s day flowers special

The flowers we use throughout the year are premium and high graded flowers, making each and every flower stand out with a combination of bright, vivid colours, long-lasting freshness and beautiful and smooth bloom opening. Apart from our premium fresh flowers, our experienced team of florists create each and every floral bouquet and arrangement with meticulous precision to abide by Alistair’s high standards including the double textured wrapping.

New Valentine’s Day flowers

The following are all the new Valentine’s day flowers for 2020. If there’s nothing you or your loved one might fancy from our new florals don’t worry, we have over 30 different bouquets and arrangements to choose from.

New Additional Gifts

As much as we love Valentine’s day for the marvellous and abundance of red roses and other different flowers we also have a large variety of additional gifts making your surprise and gifting experience that much special. The following are some of the additional gifts we would recommend for Valentine’s day but we have many more!

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