November 4, 2019

New service: Complimentary professional Christmas décor advice

Year after year we source high quality and unique Christmas décor while offering exclusive Christmas services no other local Christmas shop offers. With an abundance of positive feedback, we always try to create new exclusive services to make your Christmas shopping experience more fun and unforgettable, not only for you but the entire family, even the little ones. This year we’ve decided to create a new service of professional Christmas Decor Advice.

If you’d like to know more about our Exclusive Christmas services click here and if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, our new exclusive personalised baubles might be just what you’ve been looking for.

About Our New Exclusive Service

The new service is all about guiding you on what to buy and how to decorate your home or office for Christmas professionally. With our new service of Christmas decor advice, we will give you personalised guidelines according to your home interior and likings. The service will be offered complimentary with the décor you purchase from our Christmas shop.

How to benefit from our new Christmas decor advice service

If you’re interested in the service, we suggest scheduling an appointment by sending us a message on our Facebook page, email on [email protected] or by calling on 2722 3334. You shouldn’t wait too long to schedule the appointment as there are limited spaces available.

Once our administration team has confirmed your appointment, you’ll be asked to prepare some photos which can either be printed or saved on your mobile phone. The following are the material you’ll be asked to prepare for your appointment;

– Images of the place you’d like to decorate – living room, kitchen, etc

– Measurements of sections you’d like to decorate. (If you have a fireplace and would like a garland it’s essential to measure the mantel)

– Images of the current décor you have – if you already have purchased decorations.

– Images found online, or on our social media pages of décor, you like. We suggest taking a look at our Christmas themes 2019 for additional inspiration. Images of the place you’d like to decorate.

The first few minutes of the appointment will be mainly be discussing the photos, what you’re looking for, your budget and other aspects. Once you and the retail assistant figure this out, you can start the fun part… CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

When you are shopping, you won’t be alone; our retail assistant will be assisting you with what you should buy while taking into consideration everything you’ve discussed during the appointment as well as your vision.

A Christmas shop filled with red and gold christmas decor

Main features of our new Christmas service

We always make sure to offer services with features that our clients will love. Take a look at the main features of our new service;

Get personalised answers to your questions
In our line of industry certain questions can get complex to answer without knowledge of your situation. Our retail assistants will be able to answer your question better as they’ll know your situation.

With this service, we make sure we know everything, so when you ask us a question while shopping around with our retail assistant or briefing, we can answer you with confidence and assurance.

Have a retail assistant all to yourself
With our new service, you’ll have a retail assistant helping you with questions ideas and personalised suggestions. This makes your Christmas shopping more fun as you don’t have to find a retail assistant or wait.

Complimentary with your Christmas shopping
This service is offered complimentary while shopping at our Christmas Shop. This will allow you to spend your budget on more Christmas décor other than the service itself.

Get detailed answers and how-to information
We do our utmost to give our clients professional advice and how-to-tutorials online but having someone explain is much better.

Make sure to schedule an appointment before its too late. If you don’t manage to schedule an appointment or don’t fancy the whole idea, don’t worry. Our retail assistants will still be able to assist with any questions you might have.

Make sure to visit our Christmas shop (Get Directions) for an endless variety of Christmas trees, decor and many more exclusive items!



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