November 18, 2019

Planning a wedding in Malta from England

Malta is the perfect destination to host your guests, and a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world. Tranquil coastlines, the beautiful blue sea and an abundance of gorgeous wedding venues are just some of the many good things I could say about this small but perfectly formed island. Planning a destination wedding in Malta, just like other countries isn’t your usual cup of tea and I want to make the entire process easier!

Before you jet off, there are some important things to consider before you start planning your destination wedding.

Destination Weddings in Malta

Destination weddings in Malta have been on the increase for these past few years and throughout my wedding planning journey, I believe that this small island in the middle of the Mediterranean is the perfect country for your dream wedding. If you’re here simply to find the perfect destination wedding I highly recommend you to stop looking as you’ve won the wedding destination jackpot!


Consider all of the pro’s and con’s of your location. That beautiful venue in a picturesque town at the top of a hill might seem perfect on paper, but if there’s no way for guests to easily get there, then consider that it might not be the right location for your wedding.

Alistair also frequently suggests that couples should like the backup venue offered, as the weather is getting more unpredictable and it would be a shame if you didn’t like the wedding venue at all.

People sitting down during a civil ceremony


Don’t forget about your guests. Attending a wedding abroad can be expensive for your guests once they have paid for their flights and hotel. Ensure that you give them enough notice so that they can plan their finances in advance and chose reasonably priced accommodation for them to stay in.


If your venue doesn’t have accommodation available, then consider contacting a few different hotels and discussing if they can offer you multiple rooms at a discounted price. Even though Malta is a small island I always suggest to try and find accommodation around the venue as sometimes traffic can be a nightmare.


Ensure you have researched the legalities of getting married in Malta and have all of the necessary paperwork. We suggest contacting the Maltese Marriage Registry on +356 2590 4241/47 or email [email protected]

The saluting battery in Malta before a civil ceremony
At the saluting battery during Malta’s Biggest Wedding


It is important for you to understand what your venue can arrange for you, and what elements you must arrange yourself. Many of Malta’s most beautiful venues are available as ‘dry hire’ only. This means that you must arrange all of the elements of the wedding yourself and oversee the entire coordination. This makes it a bit harder to plan certain aspects of the venue but I found many of Alistair’s Favourite Venues very helpful in regards, plus the added advice from Alistair during a free floral consultation is extremely beneficial not only in terms of flowers. Make sure to contact them for a free floral consultation for your dream destination wedding in Malta!

Wedding Suppliers

It is also important that you meet with your wedding vendors in person before your wedding. Most of the time Alistair also suggests to make video calls for the first consultations as you’ll get a more personalised message that an email can never have.

If you have a mood board or Pinterest board, do share with the wedding suppliers so they know exactly what you have in mind and can also refer you to other weddings with the same style as yours. Remember to confirm everything in writing and ensure that you have received a formal contract for the services you are booking. If you can’t find the perfect mood board for your destination wedding in Malta make sure to subscribe to Alistair’s newsletter for future Pinterest boards and blogs about the subject.

I also suggest that if you like a specific supplier and the quote offered, put a deposit to save the date as wedding suppliers in Malta tend to get fully booked very quickly – especially highly demanded venues which can’t cater for more than one wedding.

Hire a Professional

Make sure that you find a wedding planner that specialises in destination weddings. The complexities and logistics of arranging a wedding abroad are very different to that of arranging a wedding at home in the UK. Instead of spending time on the phone and exchanging email after email, work with a wedding planner who is an expert and can take care of it all for you.

About The Writer

Şenel Besim is a wedding planner and owner of Bride and Belle Luxury Weddings, based on the outskirts of London. She specialises in working with couples from the UK and US to plan their weddings in Malta. Make sure to visit her website blog for more destination weddings content.

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