January 30, 2020

Reasons why sending Valentine’s Flowers at the workplace is the best idea!

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, this year Valentine’s day is on a Friday.  Most probably you and your loved one will be working during Valentine’s day and this gives you the perfect opportunity. Surprise your loved one with a romantic gesture, send Valentine’s Day flowers to start your romantic weekend on a positive and passionate note. Take a look at some of the reasons we’ve unveiled as to why you should be sending Valentine’s Day flowers to her workplace.

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It will be a Surprise

If you don’t usually send Valentine’s Day flowers to her workplace, this will surprise her! We’ve seen the excitement of receiving Valentine’s day flowers on thousands and trust us when we say she’ll love it. Make sure to write a romantic message to make her feel appreciated and loved.

If you always send her flowers, try to order something different, just because Valentine’s day is known for red roses doesn’t mean you have to stick to the norm. Check out our entire Valentine’s Day bouquets and arrangements for the perfect gift.

They’ll make her feel special

Many expect their partner to give flowers during Valentine’s day, but this doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate them or make her feel special. The beautiful florals will still make her feel special and loved, even though it’s the season of giving Valentine flowers. We would suggest adding something extra to your order like a bottle of wine or perhaps a perfume to make your Valentine gift more special.

Best practices for sending Valentine flowers to a workplace

It’s always best to order your Valentine’s day bouquet before, don’t procrastinate as Valentine’s day is a hectic day for many premium florists like us. Don’t rely on the vans that show up a couple of days before Valentine’s day as their presentation and product of quality may not match your partner’s expectations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise your loved one with premium florals during Valentine’s day.

Last tip; if you’ve heard your partner saying anything on how much she hates receiving flowers at the workplace don’t send flowers. Order online for pick-up or delivery to yourself, and surprise her as soon as you arrive at home.

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