March 5, 2020

The importance of a wedding mood board

If you’re already planning a wedding and met with suppliers you might have already heard the words wedding mood board. Essential a mood board is a set of pictures and colours which will give you and other wedding suppliers a good indication of the style and colours you’ll have at your wedding.

As you can instantly notice without looking at the title of the board, this wedding mood board has been done for a rustic wedding. The images for the mood board can literally be from anywhere either from Pinterest, Facebook or even from a friend’s wedding. If it’s a wedding picture and may convey the same style as your liking you can use it! Make sure to follow us on our Pinterest account and Facebook page for more inspiration!

Why is it essential to establish a mood for your wedding?

Now that we know exactly what it is, we have to understand why it’s important and how we can use it effectively throughout the wedding planning process.

A mood board will help you and other suppliers determine the style and colours you’d like for your wedding, the earlier the board is created the better as you would be able to choose the suppliers more effectively according to their portfolio against your mood board.

When coordinating with a wedding supplier or choosing a décor or anything that has to do with your wedding it’s important to always reference your mood board and ask yourself, if I had to take this picture and add it to my mood board would it fit perfectly?

Apart from the fact that a mood board can be used for a wedding, it can also be used for parties, events, interior design and even photoshoots! In fact many of our featured photoshoots on bridal magazines have sent us mood boards to ensure we abide by their vision.

Creating your very own

Creating the wedding mood is a very delicate subject and it’s not something which should be rushed. Don’t just create a wedding mood board to take the benefits from it if you’re not 100%. Certain couples take much longer than others to settle their wedding mood board so don’t worry it will eventually come to you.

We are soon publishing another blog post how you can create your own wedding mood board with all the relevant steps to go through so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for a notification when we’ve uploaded it!



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