October 10, 2017

Watch: Malta’s biggest wedding celebrated over three days!

If you’ve ever wondered how your dream wedding would look, it might be time to stop wondering and start watching! Last Summer we have been entrusted by an Indian couple to cater to one of Malta’s biggest wedding.

The wedding was pre-celebrated on three different occasions over two days and got married on the third day. Each and every pre-wedding celebration had a different theme, location and of course flowers.

The wedding was also featured on one of Malta’s leading news station with an exclusive interview with Alistair Fenech.

Party Gathering (Pre-Wedding)

The first pre-wedding celebration was a party gathering, to basically gather all the wedding guests and create a fun party. The party was hosted at The Westin Reef Club part of Alistair’s Favourite Venues.

The theme for the party gathering was mainly based on the classic white wedding with a touch of Boho style.

Midday Lunch (Pre-Wedding)

The midday lunch was held the day after the party gathering. The goal of the lunch was to admire the Maltese culture from beneath the old capital city – Imdina.

For the floral designs, we’ve used loads of herbs and other decor, like wood slices to ensure that we abide by the theme and the garden surroundings.

Ballroom Party (Pre-wedding)

The ballroom party was held later in the evening after the midday lunch gathering at the Westin Ballroom which is also part of Alistair’s Favourite Venues.

The florals used for the ballroom party are mainly based on purple and orange hues and we’ve decided to use different types and colours of orchids for most of the florals. Get to know more on the typical wedding flowers used.

Wedding Ceremony & Dinner

The wedding ceremony held on a Monday the day after the midday lunch and ballroom party. The wedding ceremony was hosted at the Saluting Battery and later followed by a dinner at the upper Barraka gardens.

The flowers created for the wedding ceremony were based on different shades of pinks, whites and other contrasting colours. We’ve filled The Saluting Battery with lavishing flowers; including three big arches and a main arch for the stage.

The Flowers Used

We were the exclusive florist for coordinating and creating the beautiful florals for this luxury wedding. It was a new challenge for our team due to the size. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve lived up to our client’s expectations.

We have estimated that we’ve used over 20,000 flowers including; 8,000 Orchids and 4,000 roses.

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