November 22, 2019

We’ve launched a new Christmas collection

I have always loved Christmas time even at a young age and without a doubt, this shows each and every year with a stunning Christmas shop (Get Directions) better than the year before it. This year with the launch of our new website I wanted to something different than previous years and other florists, which is why we’ve launched an entire Christmas collection.

The Nordic Bloom Collection

The Nordic Bloom Collection is the first of many Christmas collections to come. This year we’ve focused our collection on unique Christmas locations from all around the world. Each unique floral design is named after these beautiful Christmas locations, so if you’re looking to travel during the festive season a quick look at our product titles might be the perfect way to get inspired.

Don’t worry we have many more different Christmas designs that you’ll definitely love

What makes the new florals, Christmasy?

There are many ways in which we’ve approached the floral designs, with over 20 years experience in the floral and Christmas industry it wasn’t as challenging as one may think, but I’ve tried to really go the extra mile with the new Nordic Bloom Collection.

We’ve used a variety of Christmas related decor and florals including; glass baubles, pinecones, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, berries, branches, a complex range of different shades of colours and many more.

Once I had the basics of which elements I wanted to go for, I started ordering the flowers needed from reputable growers all around and started designing each and every floral bouquet and arrangement with precision and care for every aspect.

Christmas Add-ons

Addons have certainly been a huge demand by our clients and many order a variety of addons to make their floral gift more special. Adding value to your gift this Christmas is much easier than ever before with our exclusive Christmas addons. Will be adding many more add-ons during the festive season so make sure you keep your eyes peeled or simply subscribe to our newsletter.

If you’re not feeling like gifting a Christmas bouquet or arrangement from our new Nordic Bloom Collection, make sure to view other collections including the Alistair’s Pick and Deluxe Collection. If you loved our new collection make sure you share with your friends and family, and this year don’t go empty-handed to a dinner or lunch, get a gift from Alistair Floral Design.

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