March 4, 2021

What is International Women’s Day and why do we celebrate it?

International Women’s Day locally and internationally is dedicated to celebrate women’s achievements in economic, social and cultural aspects. The day has been founded by Women to bring women’s rights and gender parity.

Now after years of celebrating and a historical story taking us back more than one hundred years ago, we celebrate international Women’s Day as a reflection of the current Women’s status and how far they’ve come against the battle of gender discrimination. Year after year, Women’s day gets more popular and celebrated by many, as its advocacy is still needed to break down certain barriers.

How is Women’s Day Celebrated in Malta

Traditionally in Malta, men honor girlfriends, wives, mothers and female colleagues with beautiful yellow flowers and small presents such as perfumes, candles, chocolates or any sentimental gifts. During Women’s Day the Mimosa flower is fully bloomed and many associate the mimosa flower as the traditional Women’s Day flower.

This makes any yellow hued bouquet a perfect Women’s Day gift, but other colors such as purples and pinks are also accepted and loved by many. This is why we’ve opted to add a variety for both colors to ensure that you have a variety of gifts that fit everyone’s liking.

Not sure if you should send flowers this Women’s Day? Learn more about why you should be planning to send flowers.

How businesses celebrate Women’s Day in Malta

Considering the history and the role of businesses when it comes to gender equality, many businesses help celebrate international Women’s Day by gifting a floral design or a single wrapped flower to all female employees and clients on the 8th of March.

If you’re looking to celebrate Women’s Day in the work place with customised floral gifts, single flowers and more contact us via email on for a quote.

Perfect flower gifts for Women’s Day

Just like for every occasion we always create new and exclusive floral designs. The below are some of our favorite new floral designs perfect for Women’s Day gift in Malta.

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