May 22, 2020

Why you should decorate your home with artificial flowers

Artificial flowers or as many like to call them faux flowers or plastic flowers have significantly increased in popularity and with the increase in their demand so did the question of; why decorate a home with artificial flowers?

We originally started selling fresh flowers, because we know the merits of decorating with fresh flowers, watching them bloom, always with something different every week, the beautiful scent and more. The thing is that artificial flowers accommodate a different type of people, with different interests, budget and likings—this is why we see artificial flowers and fresh flowers as both being important.


One of the main reasons why people decide to go with artificial flowers when decorating their home is due to allergies. Decorating your home with fresh flowers is always nice but having to put up with constant sneezing is not healthy nor enjoyable. With artificial flowers, you’ll have the beauty of flowers without having any allergic reaction.

The costs of fresh flowers

We all want to decorate with fresh flowers, and many of our customers do so every week, but we know that in the long run, it might come to be a bit expensive having to ordering fresh flowers every 1 – 2 weeks. Not everyone can afford or wants to spend money every week on fresh flowers because everyone has different kinds of priorities. Spending the money on high quality artificial flowers is the perfect thing to do as it’s a one-time spend that will last for many years but if you want to go for fresh ones, by all means, visit our online shop and have them delivered.

Care and maintenance

When you have artificial plants or flowers, you don’t have to worry about taking care of them, such as cutting access leaves, watering, and other requirements like flower food or fertiliser. The only thing you have to do with artificial flowers is to admire their beauty and dust them while cleaning the house to ensure their quality and colour not fading.


The placement of real flowers and plants is not the most aspect which many struggle with. You have a lovely bouquet or plant, but you can’t put it in the bathroom due to excessive humidity, or you can’t put on the window sill as there’s direct sunlight. With real plants and flowers it’s more challenging to find the right placement, but with artificial flowers, you can place them anywhere you wish even under the scouring heat!


Certain flowers are toxic to our furry friends, and even if most of the toxic flowers are limited to rash if ingested many don’t like to put their pets in harm’s way. With artificial flowers, they can easily decorate their home with their favourite flowers without putting their pets in any danger.

To upper your interior design

Regardless of what you are planning to do with artificial flowers, either being a wall full of flowers, a vase with your favourite rose colour or an orchid plant, the reason is to decorate your interior and make it look better. There are endless of ways how to decorate your home with artificial flowers to make your home look fabulous!

We highly suggest visiting our shop with pictures of your interiors and let our retail assistants guide you with the latest trends and how we can make your interior look fantastic with the perfect touch!

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