March 2, 2020

Why you should send flowers to all special women on Women’s Day!

Long story short you should definitely be planning to send flowers on Women’s Day! On the 8th of March, everyone in the world celebrates Women’s Day; a holiday focused only on women and their fight for women’s rights and recognition amongst many others. There’s simply no better way to surprise all special women in your life this women’s day other than sending flowers.

Who should you send flowers to, on Women’s Day?

There’s no rule to which woman you should send flowers to on Women’s Day, but we all have special women in our lives, being it our mother, wife, girlfriend, grandmother or just a colleague at work. We can’t deny that a women’s energy, perseverance and love is radiated unconditionally. Sending flowers on Women’s Day should be your only option because it symbolises more than just your appreciation but also respect to all the women in the world that fought for their rights in 1909 which later used the Mimosa flower as their symbol.

Our flowers for Women’s Day

Our talented and experienced florists have women’s day holiday at heart, and without a doubt, just like always we have created a diverse portfolio perfect for sending flowers on Women’s Day. Apart from dedicated ten plus products on our Women’s Day section, we also have other additional gifts to make the gifting experience better; such gifts include perfumes, balloons, greeting cards and more.

As you can instantly notice many of the floral bouquets and arrangements for women’s day are yellow themed and this is because due to the mimosa natural colour which was a symbol of strength to Italian women that fought for women rights with various protests.

How to send flowers

Ordering and sending flowers on Women’s day is as easy as any other day, you can either order directly online from our webshop (highly recommended) or you can give us a call on +356 2722 3334, if you would like to show appreciation to all women working with you, you can send us a quote request on [email protected]. You can also visit our seasonal shop, if you’re super in a hurry and our florist will create a beautiful Women’s Day bouquet there and then.

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  1. In England we don’t celebrate it much but since I moved to Malta I’ve seen a lot of people giving yellow flowers to women throughout the week!

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