May 4, 2020

Write the perfect Mother’s Day message to go with flowers

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the wonderful and powerful woman that has raised you to be the person that you are today. Writing something inspirational to go with your Mother’s Day flowers isn’t easy, not because there’s nothing to say, but because there are so many things to say. If you’re getting stuck on the type of Mother’s Day message to go with your flowers delivery, we have you covered.

The first thing that you’ll have to establish is whether you want to go with a short and sweet message or with something longer and more detailed. The length of the message boils down to personal preference; our standard message cards can hold around 90 characters. Therefore if you’re thinking to go with a longer message, we suggest adding a Mother’s Day greeting card with your flowers. Apart from the fact that you’ll be able to write a longer and more sentimental message, she can keep it as a reminder of what an amazing son or daughter she has.

Short Mother’s Day message

If you’re going with a shorter message, don’t try to overdo it a little paragraph with sweet thoughts is perfect. When writing a short message, you should include the following items to ensure a beautiful Mother’s Day message;

    • Compliment her amazing Motherhood.

    • Show that you’re glad that she’s your mother.
    • Tell her you love her and if you can’t see her due to COVID or living abroad, make sure that you also let her know that you miss her.  
    • Say Happy Mother’s day.
    • Let her know it’s from you if you have siblings we also suggest to order something bigger perhaps one of our Deluxe Collection for a more beautiful surprise. Mother’s love when a gift is sent together between siblings as it shows family unity and communications so don’t shy away from it.

Here’s an example of how we connected all the above points;

“Dear Your mum name,

You’ve been a real inspiration ever since I was little, your delicate care and affection throughout the years truly made me the person I am today. Thank you for being such an amazing Mother through everything.

Love you and missing you so much, hope this beautiful bouquet brings you joy on your well-deserved day.

Happy Mother’s Day from your loving son

Your name”

If you want to let our flowers do the talking, we suggest going with something like the below, a concise and sweet message.

    • “Wishing you a relaxing Mother’s Day, you truly deserve to be pampered and loved.”
    • “Thank you for always being by shining example. Love you so much and Happy Mother’s Day.”
    • “Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you’ve done to be the person I am today. I will never be able to repay the love and affection you’ve given me.”
    • “You are my true inspiration in life, thank you for always giving me the love, even when I didn’t always deserve it. Happy Mother’s Day.”
    • “Hope these beautiful flowers bring you as much joy as you did during my entire life. Love you, mum.”
    • “Not because it’s Mother’s Day but because I love you and everything you’ve done for me.”

Long Mother’s Day message

If you’re going with a longer message because you’re missing your mother and want to make sure her day is amazing, there’s a lot you can add. In general, you’d want to add the below to your message, but of course, everyone is different, and you might want to add or remove something to the list, but if you’re stuck it will undoubtedly give you a good inspiration!

    • Remind her of fond memories with her.
    • Share a particular lesson you still cherish, which she thought you.
    • Tell her how important she is to you.
    • Say Happy Mother’s day
    • Show her you love her and miss her like crazy if you can’t see her
    • If you have siblings and you’re all gifting something different don’t forget to let her know it’s from you.

Sending flowers to your wife, grandma or Mother in law?

If you’re sending flowers to your wife for being an exceptional mother, to your grandma because she also took care of you just like your mother, or to your mother in law, as she loves you just like her own son/daughter, you still want to send a message that inspires them and fills them with joy. The message ideas and inspiration can all be applied to all Mother role models, so don’t shy away from it and send a Mother’s Day flowers with an inspirational message!

Not sure as to why you should send Mother’s Day flowers?

There are many reasons why you should send flowers this Mother’s Day, and even if there are many things you can gift to your mother, flowers make a perfect gift. If you want to add something special to your Mother’s Day gift to make it unique, you can add something from our additional gifts which include a wide range of perfumes, alcoholic beverages, bath products, scented candles, and sweet gifts.

Show her your love and appreciation and order your Mother’s Day flowers today!!

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