I Do Summer 2019

The IDO Summer 2019 photoshoot focuses on Summer weddings with beautiful and simplistic blooms, whilst utilising a mix of warm and cool tones.

Malta is a magical summer wedding destination with stunning sea and warm weather throughout, the editor wanted that this year’s Summer issue is focused on a BOHO style with loads of foliage and raw décor. If you’ve fallen in love with BOHO wedding style, this photoshoot will genuinely inspire your wedding day mood board.

Get to know more about the photoshoot which has been coordinated and featured on IDO Summer 2019.

About the floral designs

For the Summer 2019 photoshoot, the editor was looking to go with a full-blown BOHO style which does not only include the décor and floral designs but also the venue itself.

With so much BOHO we wanted to ensure that we don’t overdo it. We’ve created two small bridal bouquets both of which use BOHO techniques but without the additional flowy feel of the foliage. Contrasting coloured florals have also been added to make sure that the beauty of Malta’s summer weather is highlighted accurately.

To create these floral designs, we’ve used a variety of different types of flowers, fillers and foliage which all complemented each other to create the amazing floral designs.

Bombastic Roses
Dhalia Pompom
Avalanch Rose


Galax leaves
Palm Leaves
Thlaspi Green Bell

All the above flowers and foliage can be found at Types of Wedding Flowers

About the mood board

You can instantly notice that all images within the mood board are BOHO styled, the IDO editor wanted to make sure that the photoshoot is an all BOHO wedding style to highlight the beauty of a current trending style.

Photos from the wedding magazine feature

Other contributors to the photoshoot

Make-up & Styling: Natasha Polidano 
Photographer: Bernard Polidano
Hair: Chris Mifsud By MAF
Dress: Wedding Bells 
Punch Bar: Damian’s Cocktails
Model: Jaelle Micallef
Venue: Popeye Village (Anchor Bay)



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