Luke Azzopardi Opera’s Ruins SS2019

Luke Azzopardi’s ‘On The Opera’s Ruins’ amazing clothing collection has been featured on We are extremely honoured to have our work shown on to thousands of fashion and travel lovers and shared internationally on Luke Azzopardi’s Facebook Page.

What’s Opera’s Ruins?

‘On the Museum’s Ruins’ is a fashion project that explores the cultural status of the masoleumification of the art object. It draws inspiration from John Keats’s ‘Isabella and the Pot of Basil’, a narrative poem that tells the tale of a young woman who buries the head of her dead lover in a pot of basil, to obsessively take care of and preserve.

‘On the Museum’s Ruins ’investigates the romantic preoccupation with torment and nostalgia, through the application of the studio’s method of synthesising established literature with contemporary fashions.



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