Lush Lilac & ŻMERALDA


A bold, yet still soft, combination of Calla Lilies and Big Head Chrysanthemums complimented with Lisianthus and Spray Roses, all in lilac, lavender and violet hues to accent the rich green tone of the large ŻMERALDA vase from Stephanie Borg’s BRAND NEW Emerald Green Collection.

Delivery lead time for these vases is 7 working days, so order ahead!

ŻMERALDA is inspired by wrought iron designs found on traditional Maltese doors that feature a foliage design stemming out of a plant pot. Not any shade of green would have suited this Collection, because as St. Hildegard of Bingen once declared: “All the green of nature is concentrated within an Emerald.” This gem of a colour symbolises abundance and growth ~ bringing freshness and calm to your space. Get ready to transform your terrace and garden with the Stephanie Borg® Ceramic Collection this Spring & Summer!

Created by Stephanie Borg®, each ŻMERALDA piece is a unique work of art, individually hand painted and handcrafted in Malta.

Hand-painted in Malta by Mediterranean Ceramics exclusively for Stephanie Borg®.

Material: White ceramic – earthenware.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only with care. Not suitable for microwave oven or dishwashing machine. Concept created and designed by Stephanie Borg®

© Copyright 2022 Stephanie Borg®

Note: Due to seasonality and other instances beyond our control we can’t always ensure an identical product to the image provided. Our talented florists will ensure that the substitution is equal to its value and design elements. The order of the flowers in the product description is random and does not represent in any way the quantity of that particular flower. See our full terms and conditions for more details.

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