Choosing Flowers

With over 30 years in the floral business in Malta, our designers enjoy first class-working relationships with our entrusted, highly renowned European growers and suppliers.  This relationship of trust means that our team at Alistair Floral Design can confidently assure our customers in Malta of a great selection of colourful and scent-laden blooms throughout the year. 

Do you require a particular flower because of a shared sentiment or association? Or, are you following a particular colour combination or hue for a bouquet or arrangement? Maybe you want an alluring arrangement of vivacious vivid flowers with a scent that’s equally as enchanting? Contact our team at Alistair. Even though we guarantee a diverse selection of flowers to choose from –  our arrangers will confidently ask all the right questions that’ll make your floral selection and decision making a hassle-free one. Then, all you need to worry about is capturing the moment they receive them and smile broadly from ear to ear.

Establish a vision

Have a general idea about your taste. Are you a true minimalist? Or are you looking to do an uber-romantic Gatsbystyle wedding? Create a file of magazine tear-outs and ideas you find online. That will give us a clear idea of your loves and love-nots. And don’t forget shots from friends’ weddings. Maybe you flipped over the centrepieces, but hated the bouquets. Now’s the time to bring it up (to us, of course, and not your friend).

Consider your site specifics

This is a biggie. Think of your reception site as a blank canvas
on which we will create your masterpiece. Is there bright red wallpaper? Is it a botanical garden that won’t need much floral accent? Or are you starting with a clean, empty loft that will need lots of work? After our initial consultation we will accompany you to the venue to get an idea of its size and style.

Create a colourful concept

Before you even start thinking about flowers, decide what your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and moms are wearing. You won’t know what flowers to pick if you don’t know what colors will work. First tackle the attire, then choose your ideal color palette and make a list of your favorite flowers, and then we will work with you to create your unique flower scheme.

Make the flowers work

At this point, you should have already picked out or know the
style of your bridal gown, seeing as that will dictate what kind of bouquet you should carry. In making our suggestions, a bride’s gown is a big factor — how ornate it is, whether it’s white or cream, if it’s classic or contemporary, and so on. We think of the gown and bride of course as the centerpiece of the day, so this will give you a good idea of where you’re going with the wedding style.

Map out your wedding style

Your style is different than your vision. Are you looking to carry a very dramatic, long bunch of flowers or a tight posy of blooms instead? How about the other people in your wedding party: Should Mom wear a corsage or carry a nosegay? Should the bridesmaids carry a single stem or a full bouquet? Style will also affect price accordingly, as well as the choice of flowers that will or won’t work in the type of bouquet you’re eyeing.

Size it up

Don’t listen to your groom — size does matter! How many guests are you planning to have at your wedding? That number will determine how many tables and, consequently, how many centerpieces you’ll require. How many attendants will you have to outfit with flowers: groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls? This will dramatically impact the price. On the other hand, if you are requiring fewer than average centerpieces, you may be able to get those orchids that you swore you couldn’t live without.

Still not sure about what flowers to choose?