Who we are ~ A PASSIONATE TEAM ~

Alistair and Alistair’s passionate team of floral designers are proud of their originality and excellence. Our florists brim with creativity, constantly striving to exceed clients’ expectations with each new order. With a reputation in bespoke floral design spanning more than 20 years across industries, we have built up an enviable reputation which we cherish today.

When Malta has had a Royal or Papal visit or a high profile VIP event – our team have been honoured to design the floral accompaniments for these landmark occasions surpassing all expectations and challenges as a team.  

We appreciate the purpose of each floral order and the sentiments they symbolize, incorporating this emotion and dedication into each floral composition we create. Customer loyalty, honesty and consistency mark our stems, whilst outstanding quality, creativity and innovation symbolise our roots. With a constant aspiration to aim higher and deliver a superior service and quality, we remain faithful to our clients’ expectations and tastes, and that’s how we flourish!


Our floral designers regularly create breathtaking floral concepts for weddings, corporate and private events. We let our work and its attention to the finer details speak for itself, ensuring your event becomes one to remember for all the right reasons! We believe that through genuine endorsement by our clients and partners, our reputation will grow for years to come.

We love the thrill of rising to any challenge, ensuring a great first impression at international events hosted in Malta. We are proud of our Maltese heritage and of the superior service we deliver on an international stage. It is a privilege to exceed expectations, creating designs which leave clients with an experience that excites all of their senses, lasting long after the scent has diminished.


Whilst delivering premier quality flowers and floral arrangements which are still true to that original ‘Alistair’s Design’, our floral stylists listen attentively to our clients’ requests and are motivated by your inspiration every single day. Bespoke floral design which go beyond expectations, without compromising on quality is what sets us apart from our competitors.


We are equally passionate about the diverse services we offer to our clients and corporate business partners 

  • Fresh bouquets for any occasion, designed by our in-house florists and delivered in style.  
  • Wedding floral designs, decorations and set up
  • Flower consultation
  • Private event decorations
  • Business events decorations
  • Bespoke floral installations, such as
    • Floral decor for yachts and cruise liners
    • Seasonal display decorations for restaurants and shops 
    • Floral decorations for hotel lobbies, suites, offices and more
  • Christmas design setup and dismantling services for residential and commercial estates

How it all started ~ BY ALISTAIR ~

    In the early days of my childhood I’d been introduced to the art of flowers by a family friend. Passionately, I began helping to prepare flower arrangements for special occasions at church year-round.
  • 1998
    In Autumn 1998, I was gratefully entrusted with two family weddings and kept hold of that spark of enthusiasm and my vision ever since.
  • 1999 – LONDON
    I passed my international course in ‘technical floral design art’ with excellence and was first in class. From here I was confident, I could go places. After my return from Great Britain, I became part of an educational TV series which opened the doors to freelance and consultancy work in home decor, artificial flower arrangements and events of many kinds.
  • 2006
    With the opening of the PAVI supermarket in 2006, our first flower shop had found it’s home selling flowers, bouquets, pots, vases and more sourced from international partners.
  • 2008 – MOSTA
    After getting a lot of positive feedback from loyal clients at PAVI supermarket, I decided to open another shop in the heart of Mosta, where I would have more work space and shelving to sell seasonal and home décor items.
  • 2010 – BIRKIRKARA
    Our business had developed substantially and was now demanding one strategic hub with more room for creativity, growth and our expanding product and service portfolio.
    We proudly import an exclusive collection of bespoke and hand-picked flowers, vases, pots, lanterns, props for events, gift wrapping, ribbons and seasonal decor from more than 16 countries worldwide.
    Alistair will soon be moving to specially customised premises, where every detail has been designed to deliver to the highest standards and aspirations in home decor and floral design. We can’t wait to shed some leaves and ‘wow’ our esteemed customers with our new vibrant sprouts. The best is yet to come – stay tuned!


Throughout the years, we have built genuine trust with our varied clientele, decorating in all sizes and functions; from weddings and private occasions, large corporate events up to the national stage. If the Pope attends, for international state visits, a series of CHOGM conventions hosted by HE Queen Elizabeth II in Malta, visitations by Prime Ministers’ and further dignitaries or state funerals – we feel honoured winning the business to provide floral accomplishments for these exceptional events, which mark our Maltese history.

Our team has grown with every new challenge. Alistair has decorated events for the film industry, parties on superyachts, cruise liner and new premises inaugurations, stages for international TV stations and so much more.

Ongoing assignments such as spruce hotel and office decor excite our creative minds, besides our all-time favourite Christmas shop and festive embellishments.


  • Wow. Ordered a bouquet for my sister on a very special day. Delivered to my exact specifications including time. Really satisfied. Well done.
    – Pauline Galea –
  • Alistair Floral Design is simply the best florist in Malta. Just got my bouquet delivered to my house and it looks stunning.
    – Nicole Marie –
  • I always visit Alistair’s shop to order a bouquet regardless of the occasion. Always have been served very great and the florists are very knowledgeable and creative.
    – Markita Formosa –
  • Year after year, Alistair manages to create an amazing Christmas wonderland. Always a pleasure to order arrangements and floral bouquet from them.
    – Fiona Attard –
  • Ordered a bouquet on Valentine’s day morning to be delivered to my wife’s work place. When she sent me an image I was impressed with the flawless design, have been ordering bouquets from Alistair Floral Design ever-since.
    – Anthony Mifsud –
  • Sterling service! Ordered a bouquet for Mother’s Day and I could not believe the beauty of the bouquet, the florists are real artists and I can’t recommend them enough.
    – Dorianne Borg –