Alistair’s advice

So, the day you’ve dreamt of is getting ever closer, your wedding day.   Just remember this day belongs to the two of you; make sure it’s a meaningful one you will cherish for years to come.   Although certain conventions or traditions may be expected, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow suit –  you can always add your own twist or personality to the proceedings.  Remember, nothing is set in stone and there’s no rule dictating how you should conduct your wedding day.

Co-ordinating such an important event may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and like an insurmountable task. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. It’s very important the two of you support each other by attending meetings together and knowing what’s going to happen, to ensure there won’t be drastic last-minute changes which could unsettle your suppliers and also yourselves.

The venue and church/civil ceremony location are essential, and the cornerstone of your special day. Don’t be swayed by the cheapest or most popular venue. Choose a venue you love – one where the staff will support your requests throughout your wedding planning process. It’s always good to have contingency plans in place; just because you are getting married in the warmest days of the year it doesn’t necessarily mean the weather will be perfect and it’s wise to have a Plan B in place. This means, as your wedding date approaches, you can begin figuring out the layout of Plan B so that if the weather is bad – then your vendors will already be briefed on exactly what should be done.

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Always speak your mind and explain exactly what you need. Wedding vendors like us, offer the best possible advice – so if you have something specific in mind, speak to your vendors to fully understand what can and can’t be achieved. Most of the time they’ll give you their professional advice on what can be achieved. We always offer the best professional opinion, even when it’s not our product. But when something is not feasible, we will tell you this early on because we don’t want to promise something and deliver another. Honest advice is something we keep dear to our heart and soul.

We suggest creating a mood board and a colour palette for your wedding, this is a great tool which will help you and your suppliers have a visual indication of the style you want for your wedding and wedding flowers. If you don’t have a specific style or colour scheme at the beginning don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. We suggest knowing the pros and cons of your preferred styles. If you’re still unsure we can advise you of the current trends and you can also consult our blog for more info.

Get your scissors out and start saving all those pictures! Whilst planning your wedding you’ll see thousands of wedding photos; everything from wedding décor to wedding flowers and from wedding venues to wedding photographs. Always save these photos in a folder as you may want to reference these during a meeting, because you really liked the wedding bouquet. It’s wiser to save everything that you like and then further down the line eliminate those you no longer like or which may be too difficult to implement.

Most wedding vendors have been in the wedding industry for years and will happily give you the benefit of their experience. Just like us, we have been in the wedding and floral industry for over 20 years, so we know the process ‘inside out’ like many of our recommended vendors. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed planning your wedding day. Everything will unfold and every vendor will know exactly what to do. Your wedding day should be left for you and your beloved to enjoy the proceedings, and not to get stressed out by minor adjustments.

If you’d like support in co-ordinating your wedding arrangements then we recommend contacting one of our featured wedding planners/organisers – they can give you the best guidance possible, it’s like having a wedding search engine!