Two Million Wedding In Malta

Last weekend from the 7th and 8th of October, a couple from India and Pakistan where pre celebrating their wedding here in Malta and on the 9th they got married at the Saluting Battery. The story has been covered by Keith Demicoli on TVM live News, giving viewers an immersive understanding of such wedding costings as well as a short interview with Alistair Fenech giving indebt details of the number of flowers used.

The logistics of having to co-ordinate the entire Alistair Floral Design florists team as well as other florists and creative people from Belgium was a tough challenge but with over 20 years of experience Alistair Fenech has been able to take on the challenge and cater for one of the biggest weddings in Malta with a total budget of 2 million.

An Indian wedding typically consists of several events which are created to start celebrating their special day of long-time commitment and love to each other.

This Indian wedding had three pre-wedding celebrations one on the 7th at the Westin Leaf club, and two on the 8th a lunch at the Imdina Ditch and another pre-wedding party at the Westin Ballroom. On the 9th the couple got married at the Saluting Battery one of Alistair’s favourite wedding venues.

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