January 7, 2020

Interpreting the new Pantone colour of the year 2020

A couple of weeks ago Pantone named their Colour of the Year 2020 and we’re super excited to unfold what we think of this new trending colour.

Pantone referred this colour as a Classic Blue, with beautiful, soft, tranquil and easy on the eye. We’re sure that many interior designers, as well as fashion designers, will be very inclined to test the colour of the year and so do our experienced floral designers.

How does Pantone decide which colour is going to trend?

The colour of the year can be influenced by many different industries including travelling, photography, pop culture, florals, fashion and many more. Experts at Pantone analyse trends and new happenings throughout the previous year and decide according to the information they’ve acquired.

Previous Years Colours

If you work in any industry which is dominated by colour and trends or simply love decorating, we’re sure that you’re familiar with Pantone’s previous colour of the year.

More about the Classic Blue Colour

Pantone expert’s said that the Classic Blue colour of the year 2020 instils “Calm, confidence and connection.” Many of us associate the colour blue with peacefulness and serenity making it that much unique compared to other classical colours like red, green and yellow.

Another reason which Pantone highlighted as for why the Classic Blue was chosen is because of the current global issues that we’re facing, including wars, nature and global warming amongst many other.

Are there any natural things which you instantly identify with when seeing the new colour of the year 2020? We certainly can think of the beautiful blue hyacinth, a majestic flower which doesn’t only brighten a place with its beauty but also with its aromatic powerful scent.

Celebrate the Colour of the Year 2020 and order your Aromatic Hyacinth bouquet, filled with the beautiful Classic blue colour and a powerful scent.

Multiple beautiful light blue hydrangea

The colour blue in a flower bouquet

The natural colour blue in flowers is limited to a few types of flowers, including; hydrangea, agapanthus, cornflowers, nigella, scabious, delphiniums and hyacinths. Their colours aren’t exactly the Pantone colour of the year 2020 blue but definitely similar and amazing beautiful blue spectrum. If you’re planning a wedding make sure to view many of the usual type of wedding flowers used!

When creating a floral bouquet it’s no all about a single colour but you’d want to create a composition of different textures and colours to create a truly stunning flower bouquet. This means that throughout this year you’ll be seeing many new floral bouquets with the colour blue but in the meantime, whilst our experienced floral designers work on the flower designs we invite you to check out our current floral bouquets. Remember that sending flowers shouldn’t be just for special occasions, learn about the top 5 reasons why you should be sending flowers.

Colours complementing the Classic Blue (Colour of the Year 2020)

It’s easy to find complementing colours for the classic blue, the choice of the flowers really depend on the mood that you’re trying to create or likings. White florals and blue will give a sense of rest and calm, whilst a combination of orange-hued and blue flowers will give an energetic and positive feel. There are endless combinations of flowers to use with the classic blue colour, subscribe to our newsletter and get to know more!

The colour blue will definitely be changing many designs including fresh flowers bouquets and arrangements, wedding and even corporate events. If you love the new colour of the year 2020 make sure to let us know in the comments what you love about it and how you’re planning to implement it at home or your work.

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