April 28, 2020

New floral designs & addons for Mother’s Day

With the recent changes all around the world, this Mother’s Day will surely be different. Just like every other year, we want to make Mother’s Day special by offering a wide range of beautiful floral designs that will surely make mum tear with joy and appreciation. This year is no exception! We have launched a variety of new floral designs exclusive for Mother’s day, including unique additional gifts such as perfumes, bath products, sweets and much more.

We can’t highlight every product we’ve launched, but you can always browse all our new arrivals on the dedicated section.

Mother’s Day Floral Bouquets & Arrangements

When creating the new bouquets and also other floral designs, we kept one thing in mind, and that’s the mother and her pure beauty. When browsing our new bouquets for Mother’s Day you’ll instantly notice the wide variety of different florals, styles and colours. We know that every mother is unique and different; she surely deserves something unique.


If you want to gift something which will last longer don’t shy away from flowers! With our new addition of fresh flowers for Mother’s Day, we’ve also added a variety of new plants including outdoor rose plant, calla lilies and much more.

Mother’s Day Additional Gifts

Since the Covid-19, we have seen a spike when it comes to additional gifts. We have one of the world’s biggest addons section, so finding an additional gift to go with flowers is easier than ever!  With the new addons, we have also kept mums in mind, adding items that will be a delight to receive.

We invite you to browse our website for the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet; we are still accepting deliveries for Mother’s Day. Throughout these last few weeks, we’ve been practising contactless delivery to ensure that your loved ones are safe while receiving your loving gift for Mother’s Day.

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  1. Lovely new products <3 simply amazing, already ordered two for my mother and mother in law. Most prob I will end up spoiling myself too.

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