April 22, 2020

Why you should send flowers this Mother’s Day

Sending flowers to our loved one is becoming the norm all around the world for several occasions.  Mother’s day is also a perfect occasion to send flowers while showing your appreciation and love. We have compiled a list of reasons why you should send flowers this Mother’s day, so if you’re not sure as to why you should send flowers this Mother’s day, make sure to read the below.

Not being able to see your Mother

Right now, regardless of where you’re living the probability is that you can’t see your Mother due to the current pandemic. Showing your love and gratitude during this difficult time is essential, and sending Mother’s day flowers with a sweet loving message will surely uplift their morale.

Your mom is the greatest

We wouldn’t be celebrating Mother’s day if we didn’t believe that all mothers are the greatest. Everything about moms makes them special, unique and indeed a fantastic human. We are all grateful for the dedication and love our Mother has given us which is why she’s the greatest and deserves to be surrounded with love and Mother’s Day flowers.

She loves flowers and plants

She might not have a garden full of flowers. Still, she loves the occasional beautiful flower arrangement that simply mesmerises and transforms the dining room, a room that connects the entire family. Create that great connection that will surely make her smiler with a beautiful floral bouquet.

You know exactly why!

We’ve given you some amazing reasons why you should send flowers on Mother’s day, but in reality, do you really need such reasons to send flowers on Mother’s day? We all have our reasons why we should send flowers on this special day and we’re amazed at the beautiful reasons we have received last year. This year-round we want you to share the reasons of why you’ll be sending flowers for mother’s day down in the comments below!

Order your Mother’s Day flowers today!

Don’t worry we’re practising contactless delivery and we will be more than 2 meters away from the receiver, so it’s 100% safe to send flowers. Don’t procrastinate, order your flowers for delivery today!

Not sure about flowers for Mother’s Day?

If you’re looking for a Mother’ day gift that its lifespan is much higher then that of fresh cut flowers we also have an amazing portfolio of flowering plants that bloom continuously making your gift last longer possibly forever with the right care.

Apart from our plants we also have a wide variety of addons including perfumes, wines, whiskies, candles, chocolates and much more! These products are the perfect addition to any floral bouquet, plant or flower arrangement as it creates value which isn’t expected by the receiver.

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  1. Due to coronavirus, there’s literally nothing else that anyone can send to their Mother, so thank you so much for everything you are doing and risking so much!

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